Saturday, 4 October 2014


 We have a bond that we cannot break, saying goodbye is a chance we cannot take.

(Haizel "Gio"MeLalaineKreenyJam)

I had a wide variety of friends all over the world, but having these girls is different! What makes it different? Well we have already faced a heartbreaking fights before, it really took time to heal the wounds of past, but waiting (for it to heal) is really worth it!
That time, I used to think, "IS THIS FRIENDSHIP WORTH SAVING?" Now I can finally answer it with no DOUBTS! YES, it is, absolutely! 

Over a period of time, I've realized that there are only few people who can see a friendship like ours. We don't have a context-oriented type of friendship, because we can be WHO WE REALLY ARE when we're together and no matter who surrounds us, we never changed!

We may had a terrible fight before, but what's important now is, WE STILL HAVE OUR FRIENDSHIP! And I'll keep it FOREVER in my heart!

Those Flippant remarks are all erased and now we're build a much stronger relationship as sisters!