Friday, 25 October 2013

Short girl with Maxi skirt

What I wore?
Top from H&M
Skirt from Philippines
High heels from LA Moda
Statement Necklace from Bijou Brigitte
Watch from Guess
Studded bracelet from H&M
Clutch from Chinese accessories

It was an important event for my younger sister Jam who finally turned 18, yeheyyyy!
Well I decided to wear something "let's say" Simple but sophisticated attire. I didn't want to get a lot of attention, coz I wanted her, the debutant, to stand out on her special day.
I wore (just like what me and my girlfriends decided to) a maxi skirt.. It was my first time to wear maxi coz I was too afraid to would look shorter than what my real height is, but then I ended up loving it. Wearing a 5' inches heels helped a lot, though it was soooooooo unconfy for me.. (I'm trying to get use to wear high heels though)

These are my lovely pair of platforms (bought in Cosenza Italy)

These are the most important people in my life. My forever LOVE. My famILY!

Let me present to you my dates! Haha kidding, they are like my little brothers:




This blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture with the debutant.

Here she is while fixing her earrings (haha)

My day wouldn't be complete without a selfie, ofcourse! haha

Thanks for passing by! 

with love,
Rachel Martin

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