Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm getting MARRIED

We entered into each others lives and experienced love and happiness.

Well, I'm just joking. I'm not getting married, I still have no plans of settling down. And my boyfriend is not yet ready too xD (Just kidding again, NO BOYFRIEND). 
Anyway, you might be wondering why did I choose this topic?
Well, I've worked in a fair these past three days, and 1 of their sponsor is a company who organize weddings, DREAM WEDDINGS let's say. Because they follow what you want but there are also some experts who will give you some advise to make your Dream Wedding better. 
(Let me share some photos)

ok, enough from advertising :)) Anyway, while I was looking around at that area, one of our international buyers, asked me, are you planning of getting married soon? Then I said no and laughed. haha 

but then I wondered, I once thought of having a family but I never thought of getting married. I always hope for the most romantic proposal ever but not the most romantic wedding. It's not normal, right? =) just be honest. I don't bite, I just KILL. joke

I never imagined myself walking down the aisle with an elegant wedding gown and a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my hands, saying the magic words, "I do",  to my partner and making a promise in front of everyone and especially in front of God. (taas balahibo ko pag naiisip ko un).

I think ganito ako because I haven't yet found the right guy for me! I still ask myself "Will I ever find the man who will give me his WHOLE heart and accept my heart completely?", I have loved and been hurt before, that's why I'm quite bitter and pessimistic when it comes to love. It's not that I wasn't loved back in my past love stories, it's just that, TRUST and HONESTY didn't take part of our relationship.

another reason why ako ganito is, I can always hear some complains from married couple, some says, their marriage is not working, there's a big changes after their marriage, nakakasakal. etc. etc. that's why I'm afraid of getting officially united to one person by law and by law of God. 

Some people say Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not yet ready for an institution. haha. But still I'm hoping that, my vision about marriage life would change. SO HELP ME GOD.  I don't want to be FOREVER ALONE (no one wants to be F.A anyway. haha) I want to find the guy who'll cherish me for the rest of his life and I promise to cherish him as well.. <3 <3