Monday, 12 November 2012

Buon Compleanno Gioia mia!

hey Guys. Let me introduce you this beautiful chinita. Her name is Haizel Joyce Sanque Castillo.  She's celebrating her red letter day today, November 12, 2012, now she's 19. (getting older but prettier. ehem! saveeeeeeeeeh? xD) She's from Batangas City, but currently living here in Italy. 

Well, what else can I tell you about her? mmm. nothing more, because she's just NOTHING. hahaha (just kidding! ). This girl means a lot to me. She's not just an ordinary friend because she's extremely extraordinary. (like Kokey! haha) She's very kind-hearted, simple, fashionable, understanding, cheerful and down to earth.

As I've said, she's cheerful -- She's the type of girl who never gets tired to joking and messing around with her friends and family, though she has tons of problems (ma ti pare normale che sei sempre così allegra, eh? haha). That's why i love being with her! nakakahawa ang pagiging masayahin nya. I forgot to tell you that she's talented too. she sings, plays musical instruments, dances, etc.

Let me share some of our photos together. Some random pics of us.
this was taken last Nov. 04, we were at her place that time but we were about to go at my house. so being a super cam-whore we took some photos before leaving.

These two pics were taken last year, Nov. 13 2011. Wasn't she gorgeous? It was her debut.One of her most memorable day.
then this photo was taken this August. (can't remember the exact day). she was like a kid wearing my little sister's nurse's cap and stethoscope.
we always do duet.
opening of the first basketball league in Cz.
we were muses in one team. black team!
this one was last february 12. we had an early valentines party. and she was may date. ahahaha
this photo was my 1st ever instagram photo. ahaha
can't remember when was this taken. but all i know is, we were on our way to a friend's house and it was after mass.
taken at Parco Agraria. 
here, tambay mode at Galeria Mancuso.

So these are just some of our pictures together. but there are a lot more. ahaha 
lastly i wanna tell you guys that I love her with all my heart. she's like a best friend, partner in crime and sister to me <3 and i wish her a HAPPY LOVELIFE now that she's nineteen. ahah

check her facebook account: click here.