Monday, 26 November 2012

Cause all we got is Right Now!

I really had a great weekend last week. Saturday, November 24 , 2012, (NO SCHOOL the day after, that's why I'm SUPER HAPPY) we had a small despedida party for my friends who's having a quite long vacation in the Philippines (Happy trip Aivan, Johnson and Jade). Since we all decided to do it at my place, mama asked us to prepare the table, to put some KAARTEHAN xD

I was too lazy that day so I decided to just  stay at home and wait for my friends to arrive. BUT. BUT. BUT since I won't be seeing my 3 friends for months, something came to me that I wanted THOUSANDS of photos during the party! So I was forced to go out and  borrow my uncle's camera. 

I went out wearing this super comfy casual look yet so chic.

We're already at the END of November but the weather is still QUITE cold, very AUTUMN! (i so <3 this season), neither so cold nor so hot, it's just PERFECT! The thing I love the most in this season is I can still wear my favorite summer pieces matching with my Fall wardrobe. I just can't give up my denim short and skirts.

On this outfit I made a transition of summer-fall. I'm wearing my all time favorite shorts this year, actually it was a pair of straight cut pants, since it doesn't fit my taste, I cut it and made it this way. *.* I matched it with my white and washed denim blue striped 3/4 shirt... One thing I love about this top is the Pocket (sorry it was covered -.-"). I also layered this black coat that to match with my tights. 

I completed this OOTD with dark grey ankle boots. This is the first time I wore these boots. They're really comfortable to wear. <3

Well my pouch doesn't match the outfit. ahahaha. Nobody's perfect. lol xD I usually bring this pouch me with, so though i doesn't match any of my outfits I still have it with me. I have all my documents there. And I'm not really into wallets and pouches.

My accessories are silver cuff and black beanie.

Top and Tights from H&M; Shorts from Gas; Boots from Bata (Italian shoe shop); Coat (it's my sister's) from a Chinese store; Silver cuff from Forever21; Pouch from Egg Shop;Beanie (it's my friend's)